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RRC Programs

The RRC is comprised of separate Projects and Academies. Each Project and Academy provides a unique service designed to operate either alone or in concert with complementary systems of service delivery. RRC staff is available to assist clients in the selection of the services to meet their individual needs.

Education and Training Supporting Schools Project

The following services are offered:

  1. Direct Technical Assistance to School Administration and Staff
  2. On Call Administrative Support/Crisis Management
  3. Professional Development Academy including a professional development schedule tailored to meet the needs of individual schools
  4. Document Preparation and development of training materials
  5. Program Review and Compliance Monitoring
  6. Alternative Dispute Resolution
  7. Subscription to RRC News Bulletin
  8. RRC Publications
  9. Statewide Community Directory

Roy T. Morgan Family Academy

Provides technical assistance and resources for parents and family members to access programs and services for students with disabilities.

Professional Development Academy

Provides professional training for identified professions requiring ongoing continuing education. Our established “Link to Learning” and “Brain Injury Education Series” will be joined by additional seminars specifically tailored for professionals and paraprofessionals.

Center for Public Policy

Examines complex social issues and brings together community members, school personnel, state, city, town and legislative representatives to share experiences and offer solutions to emerging local challenges.

Professional Consultant Group

Professionals from across a broad spectrum of disciplines and areas will gather in a“grand rounds” style of collaboration to brainstorm challenging cases and will be available to provide individual consultation to schools and organizations.

School Local Advisory Committee Academy

Provides technical assistance and ongoing training and support to statewide local advisory committees.

University and College Affiliates

RRC partners with universities and colleges to provide training and CEU opportunities for professionals and educators.

RRC Transitional Training Community Partnership

A partnership with local school districts to provide.

Individually designed transition programs to meet identified needs of students requiring continuing programming including community based opportunities and training.


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