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The Hearing Center (Audiology)

A pioneer in assistive listening devices, Sargent Rehabilitation Center has over 100 years experience diagnosing and treating hearing loss. Sargent's certified and licensed audiology staff has the expertise and advanced training to identify specific hearing loss and design the most effective solution for children and adults of all ages.

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Hearing impairment affects over 25 million Americans. Some experience a gradual decrease in hearing over time, while others are unable to filter out background noise or are unable to hear certain sounds entirely.

Some hearing issues are the result of Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD). CAPD is characterized by the difficulty in recognizing, discriminating or comprehending information even given normal intelligence and hearing. CAPD in children is often the source of short attention spans, difficulty following directions, poor listening skills and delayed responses to verbal commands.

The Audiology Center conducts comprehensive hearing assessments, including hearing screening, auditory brainstem response testing and Central Auditory Processing testing. The Center will then design an individual audiological care program which may include treatment, compensatory strategies or assistive listening devices.

To make an appointment for a hearing screening or evaluation,
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Sargent Center's Hearing Center is open to all children and Adults of all ages.


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