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What are Restorative Practices?

Restorative practices foster an attitude of cooperation rather than combat and allow all members of the community to be heard in a safe and respectful environment.

restorative practices

We do this by teaching simple techniques that address conflict and tension while avoiding endless cycles of anger, retribution, and recurrence. In addition to a focus on prevention, restorative practices also provide productive strategies for addressing harm once it has occurred.

Every community member can learn and model the simple, basic interpersonal skills of Restorative Practices — no exceptions. Conflict is inevitable, but healthy communities can maintain their health by identifying the values that guide how they handle problems and conflict. Restorative skills help reduce tension, resolve differences, take responsibility for our actions, and make amends when we’ve done harm to others.

I came to the training for work, I'm leaving thinking of how much I need to do this at home.

The Restorative Workplace

Workplace conflict is natural. Learning Restorative Practices skills, and teaching them to your teams, helps avoid morale-killing conflicts that eat into work productivity. Restorative Practices also improves the relationships and trust amongst your teams which naturally decreases their stress levels. Proactive conflict management will contribute to increased performance and profits throughout the organization.

Learn more about how The Restorative Workplace can help your organization define its problems and resolve its conflicts constructively

Youth Restoration Project

YRP works with schools, social-service agencies, state and local authorities and neighborhood organizations to teach and implement restorative practices. Our goal is to build a stronger social infrastructure to support young people. To that end, we believe all members of the community need to be engaged in a continuous process of setting group norms, defining common goals and resolving conflicts.

Learn more about how the Youth Restoration Project builds relationships and community, one productive interaction at a time.


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