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Template & Specifications - TEACCH Model Shelving Units

All units were assembled using stain grade finger jointed pine, 3/4 of an inch thick. The back panel is 5/16 masonite press board. After units were assembled they were smoothed, hand-sanded and stained. Staining was done by hand with Min Wax water-based wood stain (White Oak). After one coat of stain was applied and dried it was sanded again using a 220 fine paper. A spray gun was used to coat the units with 5-6 coats of water-based Polycrylic by Min Wax, sanded between each coat. After the units had completely cured, slider feet were applied as the final step.

There were three styles of shelving units that were produced for the Sargent Center Day School Program.

Style 1 TEACCH ShelveStyle 1

Style 1 has three shelves and is
36” in height and 13.5” in width.

Style 2 TEACCH ShelfStyle 2

Style 2 has three shelves and is
30” in height and 13.5” in width.

Style 3 TEACCH shelfStyle 3

Style 3 has two shelves and is
21.5” in height and 13.5” in width.

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