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Sargent Rehabilitation Center brain injury program offers the intensive care that those who sustain brain injuries need after leaving the hospital. The Program is an important step in the rehabilitation process.

Man undergoing physical therapy with a caregiver.
The program reintroduces clients to everyday life through interaction with the local community. The goal is to return clients to school or work and allow them to regain their independence.

Brain injuries can leave patients with physical limitations, memory loss, impaired judgment, decreased problem solving skills and speech and language impairments. Our day treatment program offers intensive rehabilitation, education and vocational training clients need to relearn basic life, job and social skills.

Our interdisciplinary approach incorporates physical, occupational, speech and cognitive therapy into a comprehensive personalized program. The program adds life skills, job training and social interaction training.

As a client in the Neuro-Rehabilitation Program, Sargent has helped me to keep my home and contribute to society."


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