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Overview & History

For more than 100 years, Sargent Rehabilitation Center has been a leader in the education and rehabilitation industry, restoring cognitive and physical function to children and adults resulting in exceptional outcomes.

Sargent Rehabilitation Center GroupThe Center traces its roots back to 1917, when 25 pioneering women opened the Providence School of Lipreading. It incorporated into the Providence League for the Hard of Hearing in 1927 and later became the first rehabilitation technology program offering assistive listening devices. It remained committed to improving the lives of those with hearing disabilities well into the 1950s.

Francis B. Sargent, MD, and Richard P. McMahon, Esq., Past Chairman of the Board

Francis B. Sargent, MD, and Richard P. McMahon, Esq., Past Chairman of the Board

In 1952, following the vision of Francis B. Sargent, MD, the center embarked on a path that led it to become the comprehensive medical rehabilitation treatment center it is today. The goal was to develop a community-based facility that allowed people with disabilities to continue productive living and prevent transfer to long-term care facilities.

The Hasbro Building at Sargent is home to all of our pediatric services and our Textron Building houses adult and adolescent neuro-rehabilitation services.

By the 1960s, the center was offering speech pathology services and developed the first outpatient clinic for adult stroke victims. In 1969, spearheaded by past CEO Marilyn Serra, and her colleagues in medicine and rehabilitation, Sargent opened a language and speech preschool center. By 1975 the organization had expanded its capacity to serve older children within a comprehensive Day School Program.

Throughout its history, the Center has been a pioneer in rehabilitative care. The Center developed the first aural rehabilitation program for the elderly and the first occupational health and safety industrial audiology program. It began its traumatic brain injury program in 1986 and added the adolescent brain injury unit in 1988.

In 1997, Sargent moved to its current facility in Warwick and now occupies 36,000 square feet in two buildings on its 3-acre campus on Quaker Lane.



      The Center concentrates its operations in the areas of neuro-rehabilitation (brain injury, concussion, stroke, injury) audiology (evaluation, hearing restoration) school programs for students with disabilities (pre-school, elementary, secondary and transitional living-community vocational training with high school diploma, as well as a post secondary prep program) and the Regional Resource Center (RRC) (Professional Training, Public Policy Institute, Family Education & Advocacy.) In 2017 Sargent Rehabilitation Center celebrated 100 years of providing comprehensive outpatient  rehabilitation and medical-educational-rehabilitation services to disabled children, adults and their families.

    Our expertise has recently expanded to include behavioral health and mental health for school aged students. We provide what is best described as step-down care. Whether it be a hospital discharge for either a child or an adult requiring a comprehensive, coordinated transitioning of care from the inpatient setting before returning or re-entering the community or a student who has encountered medical, behavioral, diagnostic complications that significantly disrupt learning preventing their benefitting from classroom alternatives offered in public education. We provide coordinated comprehensive medical rehabilitation and education in order to achieve outcomes that result in the advancement to community learning, living and productivity.

Our mission is supported by the work at the Regional Resource Center (RRC) which opened in 2012 designed as the first statewide comprehensive resource program with the purpose to convene knowledge. The RRC consists of a Public Policy Institute, Family Academy, Center for Professional Development, and the Empowering Educators and Supporting Schools Projects. Local education agencies participate as RRC members with customized technical assistance contracts, conferencing, consultation and professional development. The RRC Policy Institute convenes representation for public/private referrers and purchasers of services, government and legislators to problem solve system issues resulting in a seamless system of coordinated care. The RRC Family Academy gives families a voice and training to influence, navigate, and effectively advocate for families as valued participants within the system of care that impacts their lives. Throughout its history the center has been a pioneer in rehabilitative care and educational programing.  

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